Monday, May 17, 2010

AZ News & Blogs 5/17/2010 (Sales Tax Reminder)

  • Shocking Brewer Verbal Assault Video Should End Her Political Career  see also this article.
    • This video is guaranteed to motivate the apathetic voter to rally to the “NO on 100” side and show up to cast their ballot in person on Tuesday.  
    •  My Thoughts:  This article and video are bit inflammatory and you question the video makers intent but it does show the true colors of a statist.  A statist will never think the government has enough money and will always ask for more and beg for more if you ask them to cut the fat and lower taxes.  Why has AZ been able to lower taxes the last few years?  As seen in this post.  I don't know but it could be because of the increase in federal government funding to the state coffers?  They make us think we are paying less but truly are paying more.  It's been shown that the free market works better than government and that communities can figure out local problems for cheaper, so why do we keep giving big government more money to waste?  I don't know all the answers, all I know is that we don't need to be taxed any higher, we need to set ourselves free and the only way to do that is by lowering the vice grip that the government has over us.
    • See this video on what else could be cut from the AZ budget. 
  • Glass Houses  (Coyote Blog on Illegal Immigration and Trash)
    • I was forwarded an email today, and I can’t honestly figure out the source since it is one of those that has been forwarded a zillion times, but at some point it passed through the Arizona 2010 Project. It consisted mainly of pictures of desert areas along major immigration routes that had been trashed by illegal immigrants. This picture is pretty typical....Well, it so happens my life is spent cleaning up public parks. My company’s mission is to privately operate public parks. A lot of that job is picking up and hauling away the trash. And I can tell you something with absolute certainty: This is exactly what a highly trafficked area in our great Northwest Forests or Seashore National Parks would look like if someone wasn’t there to pick up. Here is one example from a northwest forest, in Oregon.... 

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