Friday, May 7, 2010

AZ Brief Blogs and News 05/07/10

Speed Cameras  
Sales Tax Increase

 Yes On 100:  Support Schools and Public Safety
  • My Thoughts:  It is interesting to see the signs every where.  When Chino Valley School District was trying to do the over ride they also had plenty of "yes for the over ride" signs but none against.  The over ride was still voted down.  I think that shows the great independent and anti-tax/government sentiment of rural Arizonans.  Let's hope the whole state feels the same when it comes to proposition 100 and that it is voted down.  The last thing we need is more money stolen from the people.  As the sign mentions the support of schools and public safety...these two things are already supported.  We don't need to pay more for things that already receive enough money. 
  • Arizona needs tax cuts, not increases, to boost economy (Opinion by John Munger)  
  • Tax Increase (Prop. 100) would create larger deficit according to Joint Legislative Budget Committee 
    • Blog for AZ has this analysis link on AZ taxes (BFA says we need more taxes) 
    • My Thoughts: Since the federal government makes up 36% of Arizona's budget you can say our tax burden is that much higher.  So adding in 36% we have x as the share of the federal government's tax burden on us, so x/(8.5+x)=36% (where 8.5% is the average Arizonan tax burden, including cities).  The federal tax burden comes to 4.78%.  Adding those two numbers comes to 13.28%.  I know I make a lot of assumptions that are false to come to this number but it gives a very rough estimate of what are true state tax burden is.  What is the right amount?  I'll post that later.  Also, see my previous post on taxes here.
Ethnic Bill
Climate Change 
Sine Die 
  • Sprint toward sine die
    • Of the 352 bills approved by lawmakers in the 2010 regular session, nearly 40 percent of them got their final thumbs-up during the two-day sprint toward sine die that saw lawmakers work late into the night in order to wrap up the year’s work. 

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