Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AZ Tax Burden

I took the liberty of putting together the history of Arizona tax burden and put it in graphs. I got the information from Tax Foundation.  The data goes from 1977 - 2008.  The first graph shows the overall AZ tax rate (including local and state taxes).  It also includes the ranking for highest tax bracket compared to the other 50 states, the higher the number the less taxes your state paid.  The second graph shows the amount of taxes paid per capita and the amount earned per capita.  Overall I think AZ is doing pretty good.  Not any reason to do better though!  Say no to prop 100, the 1% sales tax increase this May.

Remember also that this doesn't count federal spending as part of Arizona's spending.  If you including that the effective tax in AZ would actually be higher.  See Goldwater Institute.

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