Friday, April 16, 2010

Another reason not to support Hayworth for Senate

A good reason not to support Hayworth for governor.

Hayworth supports Pearce’s enforcement bill; McMaverick mum

 Here's what Cato Institute says on the subject. 

 Here's my comments on the immigration issue. Let me know if you know the answers:

I think we need to nail this at the root of the problem. What is the root? We have had an open border historically w/ Mexico for a long time until the recent past. Why is that? Why do we need to close the border now? We need to find that out first. Is it because of the unsuccessful drug war that we keep throwing more and more money at? Maybe we should just legalize drugs and then we can monitor them more closely (like alcohol and cigarettes) the price would come down and then the cartels couldn’t be in business any more.

Could it be because of NAFTA? I talked w/ a geography student who said that NAFTA hasn’t produced fair trade and has caused many Mexicans who used to be farmers (who were booted off by big government subsidized corporate farmers) to move to the big city where they can’t find work and are then forced to cross the border and work in the US. Is it because of the corrupt Mexican government that this happened? Or because of US policies toward Mexico?

I just wanted everyone to think a little more deeply about this.

Also, the e-verify. Is that why border patrol let all these Mexicans pass the border? Is it because there are certain people in the government that want a national ID and use the immigration problem as a scapegoat to pass the legislation that would allow national ID?

We need to protect our freedom just as much from our own government as we need to protect ourselves from violent immigrants. This illegal immigrant stuff is all bull. Something else is going on and we need to figure it out. I wish someone out there knew what was really going on.


  1. There are SO many logical reasons to say no to JD. JD the blowhard has a terrible ego, a history of earmarks, a lack of intelligence and a lack of experience. JD lost his seat last time to Dem Mitchell. We will not vote JD again, we cannot make that gamble!

  2. I agree JennsR, Hayworth is a blowhard blabbermouth who cares more about his shiny white teeth than sounding intelligent. He lost once, he's going to lose again.