Saturday, June 5, 2010

AZ News & Blogs 6/5/2010

  • AZ Does Financial Gimmickry for Elections 
    • This means that the state is spending a lot of overtime money shifting income by 21 days just to make its current period look better — just like RJR or any other dynsfunctional [sic] private company....But what makes this even more short term is that it only works once — the first time.  It will make the first year this trick is applied look better, but then every year after will go back to being the same, with July losses to the prior year offset by June gains from the forthcoming year.
    • My Thoughts:  Fascinating article on the shenanigans of AZ policy, it's definitely worth reading the whole article.  It would be nice to have real leadership in the AZ legislature.
  • White House Gibbs wants the old John McCain back 
    • “John McCain was very instrumental in getting immigration reform to the point that it was in 2005, 2006 and 2007,” he told reporters during Thursday’s briefing. “I doubt we’re going to get comprehensive immigration reform if we don’t have John McCain doing — doing what he believed in, in those years.”
    • Memo to Robert Gibbs: The White House will get the old John McCain back if he gets re-elected.
  • Early History of the Prescott Arizona Elks Opera House 
    • My Thoughts:  Interesting 7 part series on Elks Opera House (up to part 3 is finished)
  • Arizona sets 2nd phase in sale of buildings 
    • More state buildings go up for sale next week, as officials hope to raise $300 million by selling and then leasing back the schools for deaf and blind children, more state prisons and other structures.
    • My Thoughts:  More financial gimmickry by our state.  According to Goldwater Institute this is illegal, i.e., it's against the AZ constitution which states AZ can't go into too much debt.
  • The Dark Heart of the US Government: Did McCain Betray 600 POWs? 
    • Six days ago, we released our cover story presenting Sydney Schanberg's stunning account of the American abandonment of hundreds of POWs in Vietnam, their presumed later death at Communist hands, and the decades-long governmental cover-up which thereafter ensued.
    • See also commentary by the Southern Avenger 

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