Friday, June 25, 2010

AZ News & Blogs 6/25/2010

Oh, Politics!
  • WSJ: “JD Huckster” 
    • The Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the reality of JD Hayworth.  Not the spin, not the shiny object, revisionist history campaign fluff…the real story.  This reality is best personified in the portion of the infomercial  starring the “former member of the powerful Weighs and Means Committee” where he uses the trust of the people who elected him to sway the hearts and minds of others into a complete and total scam.
  • Why Jim Deakin Should Support JD Hayworth for the US Senate 
    • If anything, he brings lack of experience.
    • My thoughts:  The one good thing.
  • What’s this? NRA rejects own board member Buz Mills, endorses Brewer 
    • Arizona gubernatorial candidate Owen “Buz” Mills, a honcho with the National Rifle Association (NRA), got a rear-end full of buckshot as the organization endorsed his adversary, Gov. Jan Brewer.
    •  Listen to Ernest Hancock talk on the corrupt NRA with Sheriff Mack.
  • Jan Brewer's new motto: "Damn the facts, full distort ahead!" 
    • The example he cited involved her saying, during a debate between the R candidates for governor that the majority of undocumented immigrants were engaged in narcotics trafficking and extortion and that they are responsible for a massive crime wave in Arizona.
    • As this Think Progress piece from writer Andrea Nill points out, during a period in Arizona's history that has seen an increase in undocumented immigration, there has been an actual decrease in crime in AZ.
Oh, Politicians!  Time to get rid of the welfare state!
  • Sells Islands? 
    • On the surface it seems shocking that a nation would sell off parts its physical environment because of public sector debts. But this has been going on for a long time in impoverished nations. First profligate nations are lent a lot of money by private sector banks. Then the nation becomes over-extended revenue-wise. Finally the IMF is called in to provide a "loan" that must be paid back. The impoverished nation cuts its bloated public sector, raises taxes and sells of chunks of its public portfolio, maybe to the fraternity of banks that lent it money in the first place.
    • My thoughts:  Et tu Arizona?
  • Living on (a Lot) Less 
    • I spent last weekend at a lake house in Maine with a broken water pump. For three days, we had no running water. Being beside the lake gave us ample access to water, but nothing flowed from the taps.
    • It turned out that five of us could live pretty comfortably on about five gallons of water a day.


  1. RE: "All’s “normal” after Rocky Point police chief, bodyguard shot"...
    The last sentence of the linked post says "Is this the “normal” the open borders proponents are looking to import to the United States?".. kind of goes against what I have read on this blog before...

  2. Yes, the blog Seeing Red in AZ is pretty "conservative". The last post under the "Drugs" posting "Possession of Any Recreational Drug Has Been Legal in Portugal Since 2001…" states what I think about it.