Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rep. Jeff Flake Advocates National ID

July 2, 2010: "Immigration Fact and Fiction" featuring Rep. Jeff Flake 


Caleb Brown (B):  You talked a little about the necessity to have a biometric identifier for people who are coming into this country to work.

Representative Jeff Flake (F): Yes.

B:  Legally does that not in your view invite that type of federal document for all workers in the United States.

F: I don't think so.  We have in theory a national identifier now in terms of work as it relates to work and that's a social security card.  The problem is it is simply not secure.  So we're not proposing legislation that we introduced does not propose a national ID it simply says that if you want to work then you should have a social security number that is tamper proof and biometric.  And that would certainly help substantially employers who really don't know when they are presented with a document if it is genuine or not.

End @5:03

My thoughts:  Representative Jeff Flake has been one of my favorite US representative.  It's sad to hear him playing the world game on national ID.  The social security card is a form of national ID that has become much more than it was originally was supposed to be for.  Now Flake is proposing to increase it's importance in our daily lives.

This is what happens when you have socialism, an increase in state power and the police state.  We need to get at the root of this problem and stamp out socialism in our country.

It's interesting to note that radio talk show host Ernest Hancock has been crying fowl on this issue for quite some time now.

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